Ayamase Stew: The Famous Ofada Stew

ayamase stew serve with ofada rice
I know it’s been a while I posted any new recipe and I would like to apologize for that, it was due to circumstances beyond my control, I am truly sorry.  What other way to get back in the game other than the famous Ofada Stew huh? Lol.
Ok so lately I have been craving for this dish and I tell you it was literally all I could think about, so I decided to make it and share it here for you all…yes I love you all that much.
Ayamase Stew is basically a type of pepper sauce mainly because the base is made up of two kinds of peppers, the green bell pepper and scotch bonnet (ata rodo) or habanero (yellow pepper). The secret to making this recipe awesome is perfectly bleached palm oil and locust beans (iru). Though it is  generally known as ofada stew because when you pair it with ofada rice (unpolished rice) it can only be described as PERFECTION!!! (of course you can also be serve it with any other kind of rice available to you too). 
 Now that we have gotten that background knowledge, let's move on to the important part which is how to make it.
You will need
4 green bell peppers
6 scotch bonnet (ata rodo)
3 tbsp. locust beans (iru)
250ml palm oil
½ cup crayfish
2 small onions
2 stock cubes (or 1 knorr cube)
2-3 cups cooked assorted meat (beef, shaki, liver, ponmo, roundabout etc)

1.     Season and cook assorted meat as preferred, blend crayfish, chop onions and set aside. Then blend  green pepper, scotch bonnet, one onion and half of the locust beans and set aside P.s add just a little water while blending so that you don’t have to pre-cook the mixture or strain excess water out of it.
pepper, locust beans and onion mix
Blended crayfish, assorted meat, leftover locust beans,stock cube, roughly chopped onion

2.     Put palm oil in a pot cover the pot and leave on the cooker on low heat for 15mins (don’t open it just trust your gut), when the 15mins has elapsed take the pot outside your kitchen leave it for 5mins to cool, then open the pot and leave it for another 5mins before returning it to the cooker this method would ensure you have perfectly bleached palm oil (that can almost pass for vegetable oil) without the smoky kitchen. 


After (beautiful huh?)

3.     Add salt to the oil then roughly chopped onions and locust beans, let it cook for about 1 minute or so, now add the meat and continue stirring for about 5mins, doing this allow the meat to get a little bit fried and also adds flavor to the oil.
just before you add the meat and later the pepper mix

4.     Now add the pepper mix to the pot, stir and allow it to cook for 5mins then add crayfish and stock cube and leave to cook until the water in the sauce has dried up and you can see the oil come to the top.
this is what it would like when its done   

Ayamase Stew aka Ofada Stew

5.     Serve with freshly cooked Ofada Rice or and rice you have available….Bon appetite.


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