Delicious Fish Stew with Tomato Paste

Hi guys, given the current situation in the country with the cost of tomatoes, I decided to hook you guys with a foolproof recipe. Best thing about this recipe is the fact that it’s very affordable it costs less than #1,000 to make, great right? This recipe is so easy the result is delicious and you would not be able to tell the difference between this and fresh tomatoes stew. I used fish but you can use protein you like e.g chicken, beef etc.

I bake as well!!!

hey guys, i am very sure most of you don't know that i bake, well i do. i make decadent  cakes and cupcakes. i own a confectionery outfit called el' la creme it's a sister company to the el' la cuisine brand.

Fried and Jollof Rice owambe style

i know you guys want this recipe, so sorry its not available now. this is something i made randomly not for the blog specifically, hence the step by step pictures are missing, but i promise i will make one for the blog very soon. peep more pics after cut

yummy egg rolls

Hi guys, it's been too long! will be sharing some pictures with you, recipe sadly i don't have the step by step but i promise i'll make another and post here. watch this space, more pics after cut.

Spicy Pork Vegetable Curry

Spicy pork vegetable curry

So I was visiting with one of my aunties whose husband is a pork lover but her and the kids not so much. But still there are always different parts of pork in their freezer for just one person to consume, so I decided to help out and raid the freezer. *winks.  ;)